Don On The Issues

As a lifelong advocate for progress and community development, Don George understands the intricate needs of our city inside and out. His extensive experience in public policy has equipped him with the skills and insights required to navigate the complexities of local governance, ensuring that Bedford’s growth is sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous for all. You will find a high level look at the positions Don will be generally be advocating for while representing you as a member of the Bedford City Council. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the campaign!

Policy Positions

Campaign Principles

Bringing Back Hoosier Hospitality

Don believes this somewhat forgotten, but very essential concept that those of us born and raised here in Indiana have heard and used to try to practice every day, from the day we were born. The famous “Hoosier Hospitality.” That is more than just treating others with respect; it means helping those in need, and showing compassion and kindness to others even when we disagree. It means that when someone is different from us, we still greet them with open arms and let them know that they are valued and respected.

Support Our Bedford Schools & Teachers

As the product of the Bedford’s public schools from Kindergarten until graduating from high school, Don has an extensive familiarity with the entire Bedford public school system and knows the importance of a high quality, free public education in keeping Bedford’s youth on track to become productive, essential contributors to the progress of Indiana, our country and our planet in the turbulent times we are currently living in.

“Empowering Choice: My Stand for Women’s Rights”

Don has spent his entire adult life supporting and advocating for women to have full equality under the law in any and all situations and circumstances where sexism related bias may potentially be present, be the workplace, the Doctor’s Office, or as victims of sexual assault or domestic violence. Don is 100% supportive of a woman’s right to make her own choices regarding her health care and her pregnancies, and believes this issue is a fundamental issue. Don will always be a tireless advocate on the side of women from all walks of life as they fight the decades of institutionalized sexism and the issues women must now face in the wake of the Supreme Court ending a woman’s unconditional right to make their own health care choices by striking down Roe V. Wade.

Taking A Stand Against Any & All Discrimination In Bedford & Beyond

From his first days in school, Don has always felt a powerful need to stand up for those who faced persecution from bullies, and that has translated to a lifetime of support for any and all individuals who have faced discrimination and hate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political persecution and beyond. He firmly believes that our elected officials act as leaders and it is essential that they speak out against discrimination to set the right example for our young people in the decades to come.

Freedom To Love & Freedom to Privacy

Don believes strongly that all Americans, no matter what gender, should be allowed to marry the person that they love, full stop. The fundamental debate on marriage equality is now settled and this is an issue that we need to move forward on in the same way Americans accepted and embraced interracial marriage as we grew as a country and realized the errors of our previous bigotry.

Supporting American Workers & Right to Unionize

Unions are an essential part of protecting the rights of American workers. Don will always stand with labor and supports & encourages any legitimate effort to unionize by any Bedford-area workers and does not support Right To Work legislation designed to be misleading and damage the ability of unions to advocate effectively for their members.

High Speed Internet For All Bedford Residents

Don fully understand the necessity of reliable, easily accessed high-speed internet access as a fundamental necessity for Bedford’s citizens and businesses to reach their full potential. He supports the full build out of necessary network infastructure to ensure every single resident and all local businesses have easy access to a minimum of broadband high speed internet connection.

Full Legalization of Marijuana

Legalizing marijuana in Indiana is a forward-looking step that holds the potential to bring about numerous benefits. By regulating and taxing its sale, the state can generate significant revenue to fund essential public services like education and healthcare. Moreover, legalization would help redirect law enforcement resources towards more pressing matters, reduce the burden on the criminal justice system, and create new economic opportunities, from cultivating and distributing to retail and ancillary industries. Embracing a responsible approach to marijuana legalization can enhance individual freedom, bolster the economy, and foster a safer and more just society for all Hoosiers.

Needle Exchange Programs & Opiate Overdose Prevention

Needle exchange programs are a vital and compassionate solution that should be widely available. These programs not only curb the spread of bloodborne diseases like HIV and hepatitis by providing sterile syringes, but they also serve as entry points to connect individuals with healthcare, counseling, and addiction treatment services. By prioritizing harm reduction over stigmatization, needle exchange programs save lives, protect communities, and offer a chance for those struggling with addiction to find a pathway towards recovery and rehabilitation, fostering a healthier society for everyone. These essential programs play a key role in preventing overdose deaths by training people who inject drugs how to prevent, rapidly recognize and reverse opioid overdoses. Specifically, many programs give clients and community members “overdose rescue kits” and teach them how to identify an overdose, give rescue breathing, and administer naloxone, a medication used to reverse an overdose.

Public Safety

Public safety is the number one priority of any city’s leadership team.

From recruiting and training police and fire personnel to full transparency in fiscal matters, local government is an intricate part of everyday life in small towns across the country. 

The makeup of today’s police force must include officers trained in identifying and resolving instances of mental health crises. Not all outbursts of anger are violent crimes that require arrestees and charges.

Civilian Review Board

Officer-involved shootings are not commonplace in towns of our size, but they do happen and need to be as transparent as possible with a full review.

Fiscal Responsibility and Law Enforcement

The cost of managing our city is subject to the same increases that we are all seeing in our own homes.  With the cost of materials such as sand, salt, and fuel increasing, and trying to be competitive in recruiting and retaining quality people city leaders need to think outside the box in budgeting and accountability.